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Are you interested in advertising with CastawayMail?

Below are the different types of advertising services CastawayMail provides.
CastawayMail offers many options and CastawayMail is confident, you will find one to fit your needs.

How it works:
  • Click one of CastawayMail advertising options below.
  • If this advertising option allows targeting - select your target groups.
  • When you are done you will have the price, that you need to pay, calculated.
  • If purchasing multiple items, please calculate your total price and make a single payment or contact CastawayMail for help.
  • After you have paid for your advertising package, please fill out the "Order Form"
    on the last step to complete the advertisement ordering process.
  • Complete all the information requested on the form then click submit.
  • Use x23 as a prefix if you are an outside advertiser (not an Affiliate member)
  • Once your payment has been confirmed, CastawayMail will process your order immediately.
Unacceptable Advertising
To prevent displaying any advertising determined illegal,offensive,or containing undesirable/harmful material,advertising is individually reviewed.Advertising is also monitored regularly while being displayed.Should advertising be found to violate CastawayMail policies at any time,the publisher may be warned,suspended or terminated at CastawayMail discretion with all monies forfeit.Anyone determined to be cheating in any way,anywhere,will have all advertising removed and all monies forfeit.

CastawayMail Administration reserves the right to reject/remove any advertising determined to be unsuitable in any way without warning.

    Submitting any of the following may result in any fees paid being forfeit, and may result in your account being terminated!
CastawayMail does NOT accept Advertising that promotes:

  1. Produce, provide or link to:

    • MLM programs.
    • Programs not paying their members within terms.
    • Programs actively promoting opening multiple links simultaneously indicated by program settings
    • Programs which use illegal 0-frames.
    • Excessive profanity
    • Illegal drugs or related content
    • Hate speech or hate graphics content

  2. Engage in, promote, or facilitate illegal or legally questionable activities such as pirating, hacking, spamming or infecting.
  3. Websites under construction.


Feature Advertisement
Your text or small banner displayed prominently on every page, There is higher rate of exposure for your advertisement, resulting from limited selling of this location. Very effective for building down-lines.

Send only 468 x 60 size banners. Administration reserves the right to reject any other sizes.

Banner Impressions Advertising
Your banner inserted into our banner rotation. Banner Impressions are extremely affordable advertising and creating very successful, beneficial exposure. Your advertisement will be randomly displayed on every page of the website, in multiple locations on each web page.

Send only 468 x 60 size banners. Administration reserves the right to reject any other sizes.

E-Mail Sponsor Advertising
Top/Bottom & Mystery Link Sponsor Advertising.
Your link prominently displayed on each e-mail.
(Maximum 3 lines text & link - NO SEARCHES - NO PARKED DOMAINS)

Sponsor Link Advertising
Your text or small banner advertisement displayed continually on each page of the website. This is truly 24/7 advertising!

Cash E-Mail Advertising
All of the people who are receiving the e-mail have all requested it, thus giving you, the advertiser, a great selection of interested viewers.

Cash E-Mail Advertising (Targeted)
Targeted cash advertisement is sent only to members you select, targeting by country &/or interests. All targeted e-mail are single advertisement.(NO SEARCH Advertisement)

Point E-Mail Advertising
Point(s) E-mail to all members. Members use points to redeem for advertising and other services/goods.

Paid To Promote E-Mail Advertising
One line of text and your link in an e-mail. Perfect for Paid To Promote Advertising.

Search Advertising
Your targeted search advertisement to our members that request to receive your advertisement and perform valid searches. Searches go to only members from search approved Tier 1/2 countries.(7 & 15 Day advertising cycles)

Paid to Promote Rotator Advertising
Your advertisement is inserted into our Paid To Promote rotator. Our members earn credit by advertising their personal Paid To Promote link at various approved locations around the internet. When the members advertise their Paid To Promote link, a random advertisement shows up for those viewing the Paid To Promote link.
It is the administrations policy to only approve locations where members links will be displayed which have policies which suggest an attempt to give the advertiser the best value and highest possibility your advertising campaign will be cost effective and successful.
Administration does not approve any location where multi-clicking is allowed, proven by individual website settings.
(No Cash Crusader, Paid To Promote links allowed)

-- Paid To Click - Adult
Your Adult/Mature audience advertising accepted here. All members are double opt in and must determine they are of age and agree to view your advertisement before being allowed access to this area.

Send only 468 x 60 size banners. Administration reserves the right to reject any other sizes.
If an invalid/inappropriate banner code is sent administration will substitute it with a generic banner or text.
No advertising for hardcore pornography, illegal merchandise/services will be accepted.
Administration will monitor all advertising in this area. And any found to be changed after initial run will be removed without warning.
Administration reserves right to make this determination.
Repeatedly submitting and/or being found to be in violation for any advertising previously deemed inappropriate will result in forfeit of all fees. No further advertisements will be accepted for this individual or for these specific services/merchandise.

Paid To Click - Cash:
Paid to Click (Cash Value Links) Paid to Promote Restricted. New Program and Referral Links do very well here.

Paid To Click - Points: Point Paid To Click provide members points for advertising redemptions and other program goods/services.

Paid To Click - Contest:
Each click is worth a small cash/point amount and one lucky member will be randomly selected to win 1 cent every 250 Clicks .

Paid To Click - Paid to Promote:
This section is just for "Paid To Promote" links only. Do not submit non-Paid To Promote advertising here.

Paid To Click - Search: Your Paid to Click search advertisement in our Paid To Click Search Section. Members are only allowed to click once every 24 hours and are from (Tier 1/2) Search designated countries.

Down-line Referral Purchase
A referral placed into your down-line.
Administration guarantees that referral is an active member. Administration cannot guarantee the referrals activity level.
(60 day activity/membership guarantee)
(While Supply Lasts - Quantities Limited)

* This ad allows targeting. Price determined after choosing targets.
Your Link 365 days
Your Link 365 days
Your Link 365 days
Your Link 180 days
Your Link 180 days
Your Link 180 days
Your Link 90 Days
Your Link 90 Days
Your Link 90 Days
Your Link 30 Days
Your Link 30 Days
Your Link 30 Days
Your Link 30 Days
Your Link 30 Days
Your Link 30 Days

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